Sunday, July 19, 2009

Galit ka?

Ano nga ba ang madalas pagsisimulan ng ating galit?

Dahil sa trabaho ang dahilan kung bakit ako malayo sa aking mga mahal sa buhay, alam ko na sa trabaho din ako madalas nagagalit.

Here are 3 things that trigger my frenzy at work.

1. Irresponsible people- To show that I am a team player, I would gladly help colleagues. Suddenly, their work becomes your responsibility. And you’ll be blamed if there are any mistakes. Talaga naman maiinis ka kung meron kang ipnagkatiwalang bagay sa isang taong negligent, careless at makakalimutin.

2. Unfair treatment and criticisms- Favoritism, very common ito sa aming mga OFW, or at any other workpalce. Even if you are trying your best your boss will come out of nowhere and say “Don’t tell me you don’t know this” at “bakit ba parang gusto mo nang umuwi” lalo kang maiinis kapag dinugtungan pa ng “I should have asked Abdul to lead that team”. Oo na! si Abdul na walang ginawa kung hindi itimpla siya ng kape. This kind of snide remarks set off the “incredible hulk” in me.

3. Mga taong sinugaling/mandaraya at sipsep- Hindi ko na siguro dapat i-explain kung bakit at baka mainis pa ako.

Pero ako naman, I don’t stay mad for long. At most I simmer for one day. I try to repress my anger even if I have a good reason to be furious. Nasubukan ko ng magalit ng todo, pero pangit, kahit sabi ng nanay ko na pogi ako, pumapangit din ako. Kaya ngayon kapag nagalit, keep quiet lang ako or try and forget it.

Sabi nga nila masama daw kinikimkim ang galit, para daw utot, kapag pinigil mas mabantot! Pero hindi ko naman pwede sapakin yung Boss ko at mawawalan ako ng trabaho.

Short fuse, short memory.

Huwag ‘nyo lang gugusutin ang buhok ko! At maghahalo ang tinalupan sa balat. hehehe!


ikaw galit ka ba?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

life's a beach.

without proper planning we went straight to the beach and enjoyed our last-minute non working day. grabbed anything that we can share for lunch and enjoyed the ocean waves, sand and the sun, and went home with our sun burnt skin.

des enjoying the kite flying but hating the scorching heat of the sun.

the crocodile beach. yes the 'crocodile beach'. it just does'nt sound right... or safe for that matter, but it sure is a great place to have fun!


my crocs getting wet.

saging con hielo.

ricky with my kiddy kite.

there was no PP done on these photos, only brightness was adjusted.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

pakiss nga.

i am still undecided about the coaching assignment but I've told myself that i better prepare, physically that is.
kaya naman praktis kaagad si goryo, grabbed my basketball and naghamon kaagad ng mainit na laro ng basketbol. tatlo kaagad yung tinalo ko. hehehe!

'eto yung mga tinalo ko sa basketball, happy losers :)


Sunday, July 12, 2009

basketball ulit.

anak ng tipaklong!
sinabi ko na busy nga sa tarabaho eh!
pero ewan ko ba, the moment i was asked by mr. ching to check out the players line-up and see the practice cum try-out, sabi ko kaagad sige i'll be there on monday, syet!

erwin 'the bull' velez posting as vincent 'superman' superio sets up a play. naks!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


as the highlight of the basketball season here in brunei is fast approaching,
i have been asked once again by one of the not so many basketball crazy fans in the sultanate to create, train and coach a team, ... a winning team that is.
but for this year i have not joined any tournament (4 tournaments i guess) for one simple reason, being busy at work.

and that is the same reason i have for mr. ching (my basketball crazy sponsor).
anyway i have assured him that if he decided to form a team without me, i'll just be at the sidelines cheering and taking pictures.

but i'm pretty sure it will be one hell of a season to defend the title.


Friday, July 3, 2009


letrang "O", 62.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

painted smile.

my dear BRO, we know we're getting OLD when the only thing we want for our birthday is NOT to be reminded of it. and i'm sure that is not your case.

so here's two tips on your birthday:
1) Forget the past, you can't change it.
2) Forget the present, I didn't get you one.

lab you! hehehe!