Monday, September 28, 2009

are we being punished?

i can't stop asking myself this question after i heard and saw the terrible news on the net.

i've just concluded my 2 week vacation in the Philippines and during my stay i was given a taste of flash floods after some heavy rain, stories to bring along with me back to where i am now...away from my family. it is an experience not new to me, but the last time i remember mother nature got so angry was more than 10 years ago.
and knowing that my place in the Pasig was not spared by the overwhelming power of nature and was one of the most badly affected by "thypoon ondoy". i still can't imagine how difficult the experience was for my family.

i can't do anything but pray for their safety and hoping that everything will be better soon.

being away, i felt so helpless when i saw this video on you tube.

...again at the end of this video, i asked..."are we being punished?"